What is it?

It’s my solution to having run out of space! I’m offering to lend out my larger pieces to people I can trust to look after them in between exhibitions. If you’d like to be considered as an art foster-carer, email me using the button below.

How will it work?

The way I see it working is that you live reasonably close to Frome, Somerset and you like my work. You contact me and we make an arrangement to meet. I’ll go with my instinct (you know a bit about me now so that won’t surprise you) and, if you feel right to me, we’ll agree which piece(s) you’ll take care of. We’ll both sign an agreement which sets out what we can each expect from the other.

Can I keep a piece?

If, after you’ve lived with a piece of work for a while, you decide you’d like to keep it, I’ll discount the purchase price as a thank you for the use of your wall space. If someone else buys it after seeing it on your wall, you’ll get a small percentage as a thank you for that, instead.

Contact me

Email me at


Depends where you are, of course. If you’re within easy-ish travelling distance from Frome, you can collect the work at a pre-arranged time or I’ll deliver free of charge. If I can do this, I’d really like to take a few photos of the piece in its new home if you’re agreeable.

If you’re further afield, I’ll arrange a courier to get your purchase to you and I’ll add the cost to the total you’ll pay. All prices quoted on this site exclude shipping. I’ll let you know the total inclusive of shipping before you agree to buy. It’s only polite.


Mixed media on canvas; 91cm x 91cm; £800


Acrylic on canvas; 91cm x 91cm; £800


Acrylic on canvas; 1m x 1m; £800

Smaller pieces

Little bursts of colour and interest for you; acrylic on paper mounted on wooden panel (ready to hang); 15cm x 15cm; £60 each


Occasional updates about my doings including exhibition info, musings and anything else I think you might like


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