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I’m Caroline Le Vine - delighted to have you here

Thanks for visiting my site - you’re very welcome. I’m not a website builder as you’ll probably gather but I hope this will give you an idea of what I’m about.

I’m a self taught non-representational/non-objective artist based in Frome, Somerset in the south west of the UK. The work I produce all begins as an expression of an intuition.

(It might help you to know that, as well as making art, I’m a practising counsellor/psychotherapist. My work in this field and my continued striving towards the ability to let go and trust in my subconscious process are the basis of the art I make.)

I’m rarely conscious of the meaning of what I make at the time I’m making it. I rely on my subconscious to put down on canvas or paper what needs to be said. Sometimes, I’ll return to a completed piece months later and go, “Ahhh, that’s what that’s about.”

But what a piece says to me is only part of the story. Any creative output is part of a conversation. You, the viewer, are my partner - even if that partnership lasts only for a second before you move on. If you feel like you want to linger, we’re collaborating more deeply: I’ve put something into a painting and you’re then free to feel what you will about it, to take part in the conversation. Your response to it, your interpretation, the feelings it evokes in you are entirely valid even if (or possibly especially when) they are wholly different from mine. It’s always exciting to hear what people think and feel about a piece - I love the surprises! So, if you want to let me know what goes on for you when you see my work, drop me a line using the “Contact me” button below. And, of course, if you’re interested in buying something, getting in touch is the way to get started.

I try to offer my work at an affordable price. Nothing has a price tag of more than £800 and most of it costs less. If there’s a piece you really want but you don’t have all the cash, talk to me. I’m really happy to work out an instalment plan with you.

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“Lift Your Voice With Mine”

Acrylic on canvas; 76cm x 76cm; £450

Although there’s a darkness and a powerful energy to this piece, it feels hopeful to me and is softened by the blurrier sections and the soothing background. Don’t forget, though, that’s just my feeling about it. What do you make of it? What does it stir in you?

Sophisticated, energetic, intuitive art

The perfect backdrop to a reflective life

“I absolutely adore your work. It really does provoke an emotional response”


Acrylic on wooden panel; 61cm x 61cm; £500

I’ll be honest, my work is hard to photograph - most of it looks completely different (better!) in real life (also, another thing I’m not is a photographer - might have something to do with it…).

If you’re reasonably local to me (Frome), I’m happy to offer to bring work to you to see if you like it if you can’t get to a show or there isn’t one on for a while. Select more than one piece to try out - better to make the journey a worthwhile one, no?

Can I talk to you?

Don’t worry, I won’t clutter your inbox with a newsletter every week (or even every month - you’re far too busy for that!) What I will do is let you know what I’m up to every now and again, show you where I’m exhibiting, what I’m making and maybe even include a few peeks at my process.

Happy people!

These lovely people agreed to foster some of my work. The piece you see here is called “Standing Stone”. Even though it’s got a place to live for now, it’s still available for sale.

Mixed media on canvas; 78cm x 61cm; £500

More art

“Joy Unconfined” (left); acrylic on canvas; 1m x 1m; £800

“Mind Map III” (centre); acrylic on canvas; 50cm x 50cm; £450

“Mind Map III” (right); acrylic on canvas; 1m x 1m; £800

“A Perfect Reminder of Saturday Afternoon” (left), mixed media on wooden panel; 41cm x 51cm; £400

“Story Telling” (centre); acrylic on wooden panel; 51cm x 41cm'; £400

“Feeling My Way” (right); acrylic on canvas; 76cm x 61cm; £500


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